Autumn is a beautiful season and most of us can appreciate the beauty of the fall. Leaves going through a transition from green to brown, orange and golden tones. Gently falling through the air and landing on our woodland paths and gardens with a majestic style.


Equally, we are not immune to the drop in temperature that accompanies those mindful views. It is time to reach for the thicker jumpers, outdoor coats, umbrellas and perhaps a thick blanket. The game of holding off putting the heating on has begun. Some will succumb early so they return from work to a toasty home. Others will layer up and get the blankets out, choosing to drink hot drinks and find warmth from the triumphant glow of saving on their energy bills.


The choice is entirely yours but the fact remains - it has started getting a bit chilly!


Here are six ways you can warm up the Autumn months and keep cosy.


1 - Hot food - broths, stews & soups


We make a decisive move away from salads and land in stew and soup territory. The dumplings and crusty bread loaves accompany Autumn weather much better than lighter bites selected through spring and summer.

I fire up the slow cooker. The moment I walk into my house I can smell what is for tea which is warming in itself. It cuts right down on cooking time and I prep everything the night before and store in the fridge overnight in its ceramic bowl. Then I just slot that into the electrical part and put it on low all day. It tastes good and is quick to prepare.

It is also the perfect season to bake. The nights are darker so we tend to start wanting to spend more time indoors. Baking cakes, pastries, and homely, filling meals just feels right. The preparation varies but the rewards can be very satisfying.


2 - Throws & Blankets


We have a great selection of throws and blankets at Wren Home & Outdoors and they are always popular with customers. We stock Tweedmill textiles that are 100% pure wool and Hug Rug’s Throws that are made from recycled plastic bottles. A comfy, warm blanket keeps you snug through the winter months whether you wrap it around you on the sofa and lay it over your bed at night for some extra warmth.

3 - Take a Flask


You can nip into a Costas or Starbucks if there is one on route or you can take your favourite drink for on the go from home. Our range of thermos flasks is one of the best in the market because we have sought quality products. Nobody needs a flask that leaks or spills all over the car! One of the most recognisable flasks in the market right now is Hydro Flask. If you are driving with it you really need a tapered bottom so it fits snuggly into your cup holder.



4 - Hot Toddy


Whether you are slipping a bit of brandy into your evening hot drink or just having a tipple of what you fancy, alcohol can be warming. It is a great excuse for a few rounds at the pub or a gentle G&T at home. Just keep hydrated so you still sleep soundly! If you are going sober for October then you could treat yourself to a hot chocolate instead.


5 - Stay dry


Being cold is one thing but being wet and cold is something else! It is time to pack those waterproof bottoms and tops and make sure you don't get caught in a storm! Or, as Peter Kay puts it, that “fine rain that wets you right through”!

Another great way of keeping dry is making sure if you are an adventurer that you have a spare outfit ready and something to dump your wet clothes into. Not everyone is frightened of the cold and wet, in fact some relish it. The hills are quieter so there is a lot of solitude and peace to be found in the great outdoors. A dry compression sack is the ideal companion!

6 - Sleep


We can burn off more energy when we get cold so sometimes a little extra sleep goes a long way. You want to keep your circulation working super efficiently which means giving your body the rest and recovery it needs each day. Sleep helps mental health, repair from injury and our general levels of health and fitness too. So it makes sense getting a full eight hours if you can make the time!